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Plastic Card Printing Options
What sets your plastic card printing program apart are the options available from smartcard1688.com. We offer a full range of personalization options that will allow you to take your plastic card program to the next level. we can offers embossing, bar coding, magnetic stripe encoding, thermal printing and foil stamping.

Plastic Card Embossing
One of the most popular options we have available to our customers is Plastic Card Embossing. This feature is the same that you will find on your credit card. It is a very popular feature with VIP and Membership cards. It has also become a new trend with Plastic Business Card Printing and Gift Cards.
We can emboss type in several sizes as well as embossing unique information on each cards. Coupled with our fulfillment programs our customers can save money by ordering a large quantity of cards and having us emboss individual member information on each cards as their club or organizations numbers rise.

Plastic Card Foil Stamping
Another popular plastic card option is Foil Stamping. This process uses a die and heat to inset the foil material. Foil is reflective and adds a great accent to a plastic card. Gold/ silver foil stamping, hologram stamping, and glass foil stamping are widely used to furnish the cards.
While foil stamping is a great accent for your cards there are some limitations that must be worked around. Please contact our sales staff to get in touch with a designer who will make sure that your artwork is correctly set up, or have our team of award winning designers create a custom plastic card to your exact specifications.

Thermal Customization
Need different information on every one of your Plastic Cards?? No problem! In the printing industry this is known as as Thermal Printing. Common uses are ID Badges, Member Information, Bardcode Printing, and Thermal Numbering.

Plastic Card Signature Panel
Signature Panels allow you to write with a normal pen on a Printed Plastic Card. A standard option for many of our clients. Plastic Card Signature Panels work great to activate a plastic gift, membership, vip, or discount card and add a nice touch to your card.

UV Printing
UV printing is used to print on plastic, foil, and specialty substrates. UV light is used to dry specially formulated inks that are printed on non-porous materials. In conventional printing, ink dries as it is absorbed into paper. Because plastic is not absorbent, the ink must be dried on the top surface using UV light.

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