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                           Full silver Rainbow Foil card



Rainbow PVC 


    • Full card design service is available or we can accept your camera ready art.
    • Standard size is rectangular 86mm * 54mm with rounded corners.
    • Standard available thickness comes in 0.76mm (Other thickness is also available)
    • Full color process on one or both sides.
    • Thermal printing of text, name, PIN numbers or automated lists may be printed directly on each piece.
    • Embossing with gold, silver, or black tipping(other colors available for 5k or more).
    • Hole punching - slot, round, various sizes and shapes are available.
    • Sequential numbering or individual serial numbering with provided database.
    • Signature and custom signature panels are available
    • Scratch-off overlay panels for special promotions and contests.
    • Hi-Co or Lo-Co Magnetic stripe encoding on tracks 1, 2, or 3

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